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The main objectives of the ASA are:

  • To encourage the breeding and improvement of the Australian Suffolk sheep.

  • To Publicize the merits of the breed.

  • The safeguarding of the purity of the breed.

  • To work with other Suffolk sheep breeders from around the globe for the betterment of the Suffolk breed.


The Australian Suffolk Association is managed by a president, a committee, and volunteers.

The office bearers contact details can be found on the Contacts page

Description of an Australian Suffolk Sheep

Object of the breed:

To provide a suitable sire for crossing with other breeds
to produce the ideal prime lamb.


The ideal Suffolk ram should be well balanced and proportioned. He will be free moving and of alert appearance with masculine outlook.


The ideal ewe will be similar, but with due regard to feminine characteristics and indicating good maternal qualities.


Head………..evidence of horns.
Legs…………hocks too closely set.
Skin………….not inclined to blue or spotted.
Fleece………black fibre or coloured wool throughout the fleece, black spots anywhere.


Hornless and black. Masculine for rams and feminine for ewes. Strong lower jaw with teeth meeting the bottom front pad. Eyes bright and full.

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